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We are a team of creative visionaries, investors, independent contractors, and passionate individuals who care about our planet and life. We provide a platform for a complete holistic approach towards sustainable healthy living. We organize, network, and manage an infrastructure of Eco-friendly resources and solutions for sustainable real-estate, health foods, healing technologies, and advanced energy technologies and systems that are the foundation of the science of sustainable integration.

Featuring the latest in cutting edge technologies for a sustainable, healthier, wealthier planet. The most advanced modular sustainable building equipped with automated technologies, complete with mechanical overrides is now available. The science of sustainable integration is designed to make your living environment keep you living the good life with abundant and redundant POINT OF USE clean energy, water, food, medicine, and comfort in any situation. This is what we call homeland security, social security, health care, real currency, and the ultimate insurance policy. Please learn more about the wonderful solutions available for you to start living healthier, save more money, and create a better future. S.O.S.I. is what we call full care self reliance, All-in-one!

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Great Quality

Dynamic Ecology's main focuses and services are:

Consulting/ Project Management

Innovation is our game. Creativity is our middle name. We consult on a variety of topics. Mostly in the green sustainable product development and deployment. Hardware to software integration. Creative projects that are good for the earth, people, and economy.

We have a vast network of highly skilled individuals, private banks and financing organizations, developers, inventors, innovators, media outlets and companies that we work with to leverage other entities that we believe in and consult/ project manage for.


Vertical Tower Aquaponic Farming

By integrating sacred geometry, vortex mathematics, 3D printing, clean energy, natural organic plant enhancers, in collaboration with our partners, we offer a truly unique solution for growing the maximum yield in the smallest space, for personal or commercial use.

Working with the FDA and landowners, we offer anyone who is interested an opportunity to learn hands on about growing food and entrepreneurship.


Health foods and medicinal products

Our proprietary mushroom blend has been designed with MD’s, universities, and mycologists experts to bring to market an amazing blend of 9 mushrooms shown to have incredible health benefits. We work with advanced medicinal products for internal and external use. We focus on superfoods, hemp alchemy, mycology, energy healing devices, and other forms of natural healing methods and techniques.

Access libraries of instructional videos and terrain modification techniques (body, mind purification and transformation through natural superfoods and medicines).


IT solutions. Web development, design and implementation. Multi-media production.

We help companies that are aligned with our sustainable vision for earth and life with all their IT needs, branding, web design and deployment. We have the ability to provide full multi-media services from production, directing, filming, editing, special effects and distribution.

Utilize one our custom in-house platforms, or custom open sources platforms for CMS, CRM, E-Commerce, MLM/ affiliate back office, project management, networking and much more.


Financial Accounting, Regulatory Compliance, Transaction Advisory, Outside Funding.

Dynamic Ecology has developed a global, cohesive network of trusted affiliates that have proved highly resourceful to assist us in responding to our clients planned, unique and sometimes much too abrupt business matters.

We have served small, emerging company's across all continents, from the oft "less celebrated" standpoints of business development.  The aspects of financial accounting, reporting & analysis, budget &  control, transaction-specific  due diligence, regulatory compliance, taxation, treasury management and business entity, formation, restructuring, divestiture - this is where we serve to procure, preserve and enhance value.

This guidance in the advisory capacity allows our clients to optimize the most precious resource they have - TIME.


Bridge loans, financing services, EB5, Equity loans, solar development funding.

As a lead generating agent for private banks, high net worth individuals and other financing institutions, our partners are decision makers that can make it rain for qualified business and projects.

Our partners have closed over 150 EB5 projects.

We provide 100% financing for qualified solar development, residential and commercial.


Product development and design

One major perk of having such a diverse and talented network of collaborators is that we have the ability to see the development and design of future products. Dynamic Ecology aims to think "outside the box" while staying grounded in what is practical and plausible for penetrating markets and sustaining value.

We look at the whole structure surrounding any product and design that we help to establish. In order for companies to take their product development and design to the next level, their operational flow and capabilities has to match their product and brand image.


Sustainable real-estate infrastructure.

In partnership with international developers, inventors, sustainable cowboys and scientists, we can provide state of the art fully sustainable homes. By utilizing S.O.S.I (Science Of Sustainable Integration) we have a truly futuristic pre-designed modular sustainable building suitable for any need.

Energy generation and storage. Water structuring, recycling, purification and atmospheric H2O generation. Magnesium mold proof walls. Mechanical compartment ventilation. Food production. Natural bio-cides and functional water.