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Project Details

Solar On Earth is a one stop shop across all solar solutions. Our expertise has no limits in developing solar, whether it be wind or shading constraints, panel placement or install inquiry, or even rental or leasing constraints. We work well beyond the composite shingle model, and have multiple solar solutions beyond the roof.

As leading developers in the solar industry, our focus is centered around taking opportunities out of the idea phase and into the project stage. We have the unparalleled and unrivaled development capabilities with the depth in skill and solution based partnerships and industry leaders. We have access to all solar solutions physical, beyond the roof, and virtually and ultimately deregulated markets with virtual net metering.

Transform your parking lot into a micro-grid or your university into a sustainable center. Our energy consultants and managing partners have had countless hours of designed, developed and delivery of solar solutions among all platforms with clientele ranging from warehouse distributors and property management groups, schools, restaurants, and various non-profits.

Our customer service care is reflected in our meticulous selection in partnering with the highest rated installer on the east coast. Our additional partnerships allow us to deploy the demand for labor in accordance to the install capacity that high level development requires. From 40 kilowatt local auto-bodies, to several megawatt franchise chain locations we size up any solar solution with a common goal of achieving a maximum offset with sustainable, protected power.